Valeska Ramet

Valeska Ramet

I am a solution-oriented relationship coach based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I partner with clients around the globe to find clarity and power in their relationships.

Here’s a snapshot of my journey—and how it has equipped me to support you in your own journey.

I spent many years immersed in a variety of high-pressure corporate and creative work environments. These experiences enabled me to partner with others as they navigate similar situations.

My world travels consistently give me a broader view of life. I’ve experienced so many different people, cultures, foods, and scenery. Every new adventure reminds me how deeply connected we are, and how much potential lies in each of our futures.

In life and relationships, there are surprises around every corner—both pleasant and unpleasant. During those challenging moments, I will offer you a refreshing, honest perspective of your situation. I’ll give you the tools to manage that complexity, find clarity, and restore creativity and fun to your relationships.

I have personally enjoyed exceptional success in my relationships. And I have been fortunate to support others in experiencing the same success for themselves.

I hold a BA in Film Studies from UCSB and an MA in Film/American Studies from NYU. My formal coaching certifications include “Feminine Power”, “Calling in “The One”, “Conscious Uncoupling”, “Group Facilitation” and, most recently, “Gamification” via University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business.

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