I’ve been very impressed with Valeska’s skill and dedication to her craft. She takes her work very seriously, yet makes the process enjoyable and uplifting. Her sincere desire is to get people out of the doldrums and into a future of accomplishment and purpose. Valeska is much more than a professional sounding board. She is a devoted partner who is fun to be around and focused on lasting change.”
~ Samuel Mitaro

“I would highly recommend Coaching with Valeska. She is a warm, skillful, insightful and compassionate coach with the ability to help you identify patterns which no longer serve you and transform from the inside out. I am so grateful for the time we spent together. My world has opened up from a black and white world of political correctness, stuffiness and constraint to a world of colour, connection and irreverent truth. I feel like a rebel in my own life! I know I still have work to do on showing up authentically, but now that I can see the possibilities ahead my old ideas seem so anarchic they make me want to laugh. I understand myself much better and I’m excited for what lies ahead. Thank you so much Valeska!”
~ Julie-Anne Graham

“Valeska Ramet is a gifted coach. She is professional yet fully present and available. With skill, mastery and sensitivity she guides. Intuitively she facilitates transformation and healing in others, giving from her truly compassionate heart. She herself is empowered and I experience this as inspiration. She helped me to remove obstacles and create openings so I can now courageously embody my most empowered self and go forth in the world in service, which is my heart’s greatest desire.”
~ Celia Anne Browne

“A friend referred me to Valeska at a time when I had little faith in life and people. I had a series of international Skype calls during which she supported me as a way of moving beyond a devastating past relationship in a way that would engender growth and empowerment rather than hurt and regret. I was initially dubious that I could work effectively with a coach who lived in another country via Skype, but those doubts disappeared almost immediately once I had worked through the first session with Valeska. Despite the fact that we weren’t face-to-face, Valeska made me feel acknowledged and present in every session we had together by actively listening to my thoughts about what I had discovered about myself in each week. I never felt judged by Valeska – in fact quite the opposite – Valeska was always ready to reassure me that my feelings were valid, but she also suggested ways in which I could move past any feelings or ways of thinking that might hamper my progress. I could not have worked through this without Valeska. Her insights and experience as a coach were crucial for my learning process. After having worked with Valeska, I have learned to be more authentic in my interactions with others. This has helped me accept who I am and be happy with my place in life at present. Thank you so very much Valeska.”
~ Elena

“Working with Valeska has been nothing but a pleasure! She is very thorough in her explanations and takes the time to make sure we are on the same page. Valeska pays great attention to the details and ensures any message she wants to convey is clear and easy to understand.”
~ Ron

“Valeska is an exquisite coach. She has the capacity to deeply listen and then share insight that draws from her finely tuned intuitive sense and extensive knowledge of her work. During our coaching together, without judgment, I felt she held my best interest at heart at all times. She was easy going in style yet encouraged me to go further when I needed to move courageously into self-healing. My personal experience with her was profound. By excavating the past, proclaiming radical responsibility, I can now live with the freedom more present, and with an open-heart gaze into my future which is a life with love fulfilled. I was able to travel the distance because Valeska was with me every step of the way.”
~ Rebekah

“When I received private coaching from Valeska. I recognized in Valeska’s language that she has integrated a thorough and deep understanding of these new modalities of work. What struck me most about our telephone sessions was her spot-on intuition in picking up on what I was not saying or looking at and asking leading questions that helped me realize my own blind spots, as well as the need to look deeper into the shadows of my own psyche. This allowed me a deeper integration of my own consciousness in working through not only my self-responsibility in the process of letting go of the passt, but also in accessing my own self-validation in the process. I would recommend Valeska’s coaching skills to anyone who recognizes the value and benefit of having someone on your side who is trained to be insightful in the realm of relationships and what we personally bring to them.”
~ Amy